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23 Aug

Documenting My Hustle During My Last Year Of College

Sabah Ali talks about starting her senior year of college and how her last mastermind gave her clarity on the direction she wants to take to leave college with a bang. She will be documenting every single day of her last year of college while also starting her own t-shirt line, inspiring other young entrepreneurs along the way. Check out the video below to find out more details about Sabah’s journey.

Video Synopsis:

  1. Having direction (0:40)
  2. Documenting a clothing line (1:00)
  3. Creating a female only brand (1:30)
  4. Empowering a movement through fashion (1:45)
  5. The purpose of documenting the journey (2:00)

Thank you for watching! As always, here’s to your hustle!

Sabah Ali~~



Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali is a college student, entrepreneur, best selling author, podcast host, blogger, and featured speaker. She is also an entrepreneur who has been making an impact on many college students lives. Sabah is the Founder and Co-Host of the podcast show Dorm Rooms to Conference Rooms. Every week the show focuses on business and lifestyle tips while being in college, as well as bringing on successful millennial entrepreneurs who share their journey on their road to success.