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Let's Start With Why

Why Hustle & Deal Flow™

Let’s start here: Hi, I’m Matt Gottesman, creator and editor-in-chief of Hustle & Deal Flow™ and I’m fascinated with people and entrepreneurship. More importantly, I believe we’re witnessing a massive, global uprising of the Creative Entrepreneurial Class leading the “New Economy” – new industries characterized by cutting edge technology, hyper-growth and globally connected cultures.

And while I’ve been fortunate to have experienced several wins throughout my digital and entrepreneurial endeavors, I’ve also taken pride in my losses. Such is the life of an entrepreneur. I can accurately tell you that the losses serve as a catalyst to make changes that propel an individual to new heights and beyond barriers that may not have happened without them.

When one gets pushed so far to the edge they will find that the only thing left to do . . . EVERYTHING!

Welcome to Hustle & Deal Flow™

Reasons Hustle & Deal Flow Was Created

What is Hustle & Deal Flow


Hustle & Deal Flow Definitions

There was a movie called Hustle & Flow. I like the word Hustle, cause it signifies the hunger entrepreneurs have to get up, create and go to work on their brands/companies/ideas. I like “Deal Flow” cause it’s cognizant of the startup and venture capital world. I play in both worlds and I thought marrying the two together made sense.


This blog / magazine focuses on creators from all parts of the world. They all have very unique stories, yet share very similar qualities. This is exactly what I wanted to learn, document and share with you.

As I embark on this mission to bring forward their stories, my hope is to spread awareness to their amazing initiatives and products, while making sure that other individuals, entrepreneurs and companies achieve similar success.


I’ve been blessed to have learned so much from my previous experiences and now it’s time to do something greater than self. As some of the other business leaders and Internet Entrepreneurs I admire would say, I am by no means a guru, but I have seen some stuff and I’ve learned a lot along the way. In doing so, I want to pay it forward and help others grow.

In here, you will find shared knowledge and resources on the topics of:

  1. Creating good content that matters to your audiences.
  2. Knowing, understanding and positioning your brand the way you want to and not according to anyone else’s guidelines.
  3. Growing and scaling your business using the Internet and automation.
  4. Attracting customers that matter and nurturing those relationships. What some call user acquisition and customer lifetime value (CLV).


We’re on the move for people and companies to profile.

Company and creator submissions are why we do this! If you’re an expert within a niche or have a company creating something truly unique, then we think the world should know about it.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Creator OR you know of someone we should be looking at, please hit SUBMIT below and we’ll be sure to take a look.

Selected submissions will be interviewed and get a feature on HDF.

You can also email us at i[email protected] (SUBJECT: CHECK THIS OUT) or tag us on Social Media @hdf_magazine #HustleAndDealFlow #HDFMagazine


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Motivation for the Hustle

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Thank You

With Sincere Appreciation,

First, let me begin by saying thank you so much for coming to hdfmagazine.com. I have always loved writing and this was the perfect time for me to launch Hustle & Deal Flow™. I started this online magazine to discover the world’s entrepreneurs of the new economy as well as be a means to talk about business and all things digital. The fact that you’ve read this far down the page means the world to me.

Second, Hustle & Deal Flow™ is about you, the creator. I want this to be a place for contribution, education and discovery. If you have something you want to submit, please do. If you want to comment on an article or topic, go for it. If you want to refer a really awesome company, do it.

Let’s do this together and see what happens.

Matt Gottesman